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My journey as an artist




2021-06-01 21:13:54

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Judith Dyeme Daduut


I developed an interest in the Arts after watching my older sister. She would make cards and drawings and it fascinated me and I wanted to do the same. I started trying out drawings on any paper I could lay my hands on. Trying to replicate live objects or just images in my head, I would doodle on any and every piece of paper I could find. I also tried to invent things. Just playing around and mismatching things to be able to create something I felt was never done before. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in doing that yet.

My older sister studied science in secondary school, so I found it fascinating that she could do both-science and the arts, and I told myself, if she I can, I surely can. I tried to juggle both like she did, but I guess not everyone is built to handle both, so I stayed focused on the Arts. I enjoyed it, even though not much of it was taught back in my secondary school. When the time came for me to decide what to study at the University, I found myself at a crossroads. I thought about going to study Mass Communications, Law or even Medicine, but nothing seemed to fit. Then I thought, well why not something I already love and enjoy? Fine Arts! I am not much of a reader anyway, so Fine Arts would be the perfect course for me. I had also kept the words of my fine arts teacher in secondary school in mind. He said to me, "If you ever decide to study fine arts, specialise in sculptures and sculpting. There are very few women in that field in Nigeria. Women who do, very easily stand out". And so, I did! And here I am today, a proud female sculptor.

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