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2021-09-06 21:23:44

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Sherwin Tan


Spirit led art is simply deep and that type of art is what I like to do, because it is ministers to the viewer. It is no longer just about the artist- me. It goes way beyond me because my art pieces are meant to inspire and speak to another soul. Art is good when eternal value is the main purpose of it. Eternal value that is imparted to a soul while the mortal is alive. My best moment as an artist is when my art is being recognized. Beyond that, I get messages from the collectors who were able to find joy, peace, hope and love when they viewed the art pieces I made. The pandemic has been a rather challenging situation for humans. Personally, I would still call it the period of the Lord’s favor! It was during this time that I could simply see that I am a living miracle. That despite the situation my paintings continued to sell and most importantly they continue to speak joy, hope, and love to the collectors. A birthing of hope in this moment. A small light lit in darkness. A calm voice spoken in chaos. This is the moment when people need to see and hear the word embedded in my art.

Growing up, I was surrounded by artistic people, my dad would do portraits and my mom did a variety of artistic things from cross stitching, flower arrangements, paintings and more. Both sides of my family have artistic gifts. My cousin was one of the first shell awardees, a national competition for art students and my uncle won awards in his art during his university days. I remember drawing on my arm during class, during elementary days. I would often draw on my pad papers while taking down notes during the lectures. There was a time I hid a roll of toilet paper to draw a butterfly on each block-the inspiration was my mom’s butterfly collection.

My life as an artist has been a process of adventure. Now I am more seasoned. I am more into painting prophetic arts. Art that springs out from the well of my soul. A spirit out of the well of my soul. A spirit led art would be the best way to describe it as it is intended to be a blessing to the viewer of the art piece.

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